Tick Awareness Australia

One bite can change your life

Due to the lack of education and awareness in Australia, we often ignore tick bites and the Tick-Borne diseases that ticks can transmit. 

Awareness and education can help many Australians prevent infection and remain disease free.

While the Australian medical profession, Australian government and others continue to debate the existence of tick-borne diseases and Lyme in Australia, Francene has decided to be proactive and place the issue in the spotlight for others. 

Watching people fall through the cracks has been a significant motivation for Francene to design a tick awareness and prevention campaign.

In 2013 Tick Awareness Australia was launched in Byron Bay, NSW which is one of the hot spots for ticks in Australia.

Tick Awareness Australia is designed to educate Australians about ticks and on the importance of safe tick removal, and the step to preventing tick bites. The sole aim of saving lives and preventing Tick-Borne diseases. She is very inspired to have tick education for Australia's youth with Australian schools being an important focus for her work.


Francene Lee Taylor has suffered from Tick-Borne Diseases (TBD) (including Lyme disease) for the past 12 years. Although Francene lived in the U.S.A for many years and tested positive in America for TBD, she, like thousands of other Australians has been denied treatment in Australia.

Currently, Francene is working to bring the issue to the public and the media. For Francene, time is ticking, and it's time to talk ticks and take action. 

"Lyme Disease, which starts with a tick bite, is so devastating that sufferers have taken their own lives. They've spent months if not years in bed. It has robbed children of precious growing up years and forced adult sufferers to spend their life savings or remortgage their homes to head overseas in the hope of getting the cure Australia refuses to provide.  
The symptoms include chronic fatigue, extreme pain especially in joints, and brain fog. When worse, patients report neurological symptoms like sight loss, paralysis, and cardiac issues." Excerpt taken from Monthly Chronicle February 2018.

Francene has joined forces and is endorsed by the Karl McManus foundation, and Veterinarian Dr. John Curnow whose wife, also a vet, unnecessarily and tragically died from Tick-Borne Disease.

For more information please contact Francene Lee Taylor.

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Tick issues on the NSW north coast Northern Star article John Curnow and Dr Marla McManus