YaMate for Kids Lotion
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YaMate for Kids Lotion

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YA MATE lotion for kids is a beautiful handmade lotion using eco soya wax, organic coconut butter and soya bean oil. It contains 1.25% essential oils and recommended for tots over six months. Beautiful on their skin and can help soothe itches and stings. Always follow safety guidelines and check with your medical practitioner before use on bubs under six months.

YA MATE lotion for kids is the same as the Adults lotion but only has half the amount of essential oil content making it safe to use on infants and babies.

  • Ya Mate is an Australian owned and manufactured natural repellent and registered with the APVMA. 

Safe for use on sensitive skin, this repellent really works! 
Used by Bush Regenerators in heavy-tick areas of Northern NSW.

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