Tweeze Don't Squeeze

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Traditional household tweezers are purposely blunt and designed for the removal of hairs, splinters, bee-stings and other foreign objects. They are not precise enough to safely remove ticks from your skin.

Using blunt household tweezers can increase the chances of tearing the tick and are ineffective at removing tiny nymph-stage ticks or when the tick is engorged. Prompt and complete removal of engorged ticks is vital to avoiding tick-borne diseases. TickEase is designed for the job!


Blunt household Tweezers vs TickEase


TickEase tweezers, with their fine-tipped, pointy design, were made especially for the effective removal of embedded ticks!

The 'Australian Department of Health guidelines', and the 'Therapeutic Guidelines: Toxicology and Wilderness', both recommend the use of “fine-tipped” or “pointy” tweezers for the proper and effective removal of ticks for humans. Click here to read the guidelines.

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