Beware people and pets 

In Australia, the official start of tick season has always been September. Due to changes in our climate and the warming weather, ticks can be active all year round. Your risk of of being bitten by a Nymph tick is high right now. The female paralysis tick lays around 3,000 to 4,000 eggs and currently they are hatching in dark warm places like leaf litter, under logs and trees, etc. These tiny Nymph ticks can be as small as a poppy seed. They are starving and on the move looking for a good feed of blood. Yours! These ambush predators hang out on tips of grass and low hanging branches waiting for a passer bye to feed on.Their victims are anything with blood like humans, pets and other animals.  

Photo: Entomobiopath

 With the current lockdowns families want to escape into the fresh air and sunshine spending as much time in outdoor activities as possible, and  they are taking advantage of exercising and walking their dogs.

Now more than ever people need to be aware of ticks.   

Kids and Pets are at high risk as they spend so much time outdoors. Prevention is key to not being bitten in the first place. Link to Prevention. Protect them by using your favourite repellants. Permethrin can be sprayed on socks and clothing but do not use directly on the skin. Link to  Permethrin Spray There is also a company that sells excellent permethrin-treated products for people and pets, Insect Shield. Remember to always check for ticks when coming indoors after being out in nature. How to Check For Ticks.   Paralysis ticks can kill dogs and cats. Make sure they are protected and check your pets for ticks daily.
How To Check Your Pets For Ticks

 Paralysis Ticks cause the most problems.

The paralysis tick is also known as grass or seed tick, and is prevalent along the east coast of Australia. Now they are expanding their habitat into new terrain, including urban areas; this is partly due to urban sprawl; many of the critters that ticks, ‘hitch a ride on’, have been found in metropolitan areas around Australia.

 No matter where you live or what time of year, be Tick Aware.





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